Prahran Apartment Building – Great new images

We have recently gained Town Planning approval for a boutique apartment building on Malvern Road in Prahran.

The 5 level building consists of a cafe and carparking on ground floor, and apartments above. The brief called for a building that blurred the boundary between ‘architecture’ and ‘urban art’ and would provide a benchmark design for the future development of the area. The primary driver of the design was a desire to reference the many 19th and early 20th Century buildings that form a large part of the built heritage of the surrounding area, and wider Melbourne in general. The design draws from this heritage to present a contemporary interpretation of the same forms, detail and proportioning. The curved form was generated from the sites prominent corner location, and carefully modelled to enhance the sculptural qualities of the building. The entire facade is formed by a series of custom designed aluminium extrusions, that together express a strong vertical proportioning, a fine level of detail, and a lustrous reflection of light.

Our use of BIM software (Revit) for the entire project has been invaluable, enabling us to:

  • investigate multiple design options quickly
  • carefully explore sensitive interface issues with adjacent residences
  • interface with rendering and animation software
  • produce multiple 3-dimensional images for discussions with planning authorities

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